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Amma4Africa Manual

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Basic Guide to Treat Infectious Diseases and Trauma.
PC Resonances for Effective, Safe and Low-Cost Treatment in Developing Countries

Harry van der Zee, MD

  • Produced for Amma Resonance Healing Foundation
  • Published 2008, soft cover, bound, 14,5x21 cm, 30 pages, ISBN 978-90-807103-8-2
  • Price: € 4,99 incl. mailing costs
  • The Amma4Africa Basic Kit, including 14 PC Resonances and a small version of the manual, can be ordered at Helios

Homeopathy has a great trace record of treating epidemic diseases and has proven highly effective in treating trauma. This manual is designed to provide knowledge on how to treat epidemic diseases and trauma in Africa and other developing countries using tailor made designed PC Resonances, a new advance in homeopathy, in an effective, rapid and mild way, without side-effects and with the lowest possible costs.

This manual can be used in two ways:

  1. 1. It can be used by homeopaths that have already been trained in how to treat acute and chronic diseases by means of an individual approach - a method and specially designed remedies are discussed that make the treatment of acute and chronic effects of epidemics and trauma easy and effective and that broaden the possibilities in treating chronic diseases.
  2. 2. This manual can also be used as a first introduction into homeopathy. It gives knowledge and tools to treat many of the main conditions that African people suffer from: epidemic diseases - like malaria, HIV/AIDS and TB - and individual or collective trauma ? like the acute and long-term effects of injuries, rape and genocide. For those that wish to further be trained in classical homeopathy and learn how to treat individual acute and chronic diseases this curriculum can be used as a basis.