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The Quintessence of Homeopathic Remedies

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Provings & Cases of Hawthorn, Mango, Oxygen, Sea Horse, Python & Crow

Chetna Shukla, BHMS

  • Published 2008
  • Soft cover, bound, 15x22 cm, 160 pages,
  • ISBN 978-90-807103-9-9
  • Price: € 14,95 excl. mailing costs

Chetna Shukla is an experienced and dedicated homeopath and international teacher with a love and talent for performing provings. Through this book she offers the individualising examination of six substances to the homeopathic community. By including at least one cured case for each substance Chetna herself provides the first clinical confirmation for the validity of the proving results, and thus makes this book complete and its content reliable. This book offers a wealth of new information on old and new remedies that is of value to all homeopathic students and practitioners.